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Dia de los Muertos celebration at Saint Louis' Premier Punk Rock Club
the CREEPY CRAWL to benefit Leonard Peltier Legal Defense Fund and
WORD in Motion inner city school poetry workshops, Saturday, November
1, 2008
from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM (new time), 3524 Washington Avenue in the
Grand Center
District. Tickets are $10 to $4 (sliding scale).

Sign language translating included at performance with Elizabeth Ann

Confluence writer, activist, and storyteller digger will celebrate
the spirits of the phantasm hour and be our tour guide through this
spectral event. Patrons are welcome to come as skeletons and/or bring
photos of heroes/loved ones they would like to hold up as Guadalupe
sounds performs a roll call of the dead; they can join in the Death
March conga line and dance.

The roll call of the dead will sound the names of such worthies as
Alvina Robideaux (Leonard Peltier's mother), Crazy Horse, Geronimo,
Gwendolyn Brooks, Josephine Baker, Gregory Hines, Benito Juarez,
Cesar Chavez, Malcolm X, Huitzilopochtli, Coatlicue, Dred Scott,
Pablo Neruda, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, James Baldwin, Maurice Malik
King, Chris Crisa Branch, Confucius, Buddha, la virgen de Guadalupe,
Ixquic, and others.

Skeleton face painting done live by artists Craig Downs, Wayne St.
Wayne, and CBabi Bayoc for a desfilo de la muerte, parade of the dead.

Performers will include: musician Tom Taylor, Warrior Poet Hari Sky
Campbel, poetics diva Alima Sadaq Afsal of the East Saint Louis
Culture Squad, digger, RAVEN WOLF C. FELTON JENNINGS II (saxophone,
flute, and Native American drumming), Ralph Williams Jazz vocalist,
the one man riot Paul Stewart with Latin Blues guitarist Peter Wood,
Mark Triller (a.k.a. the blue guy), Craig Downs, and Guadalupe Sounds
featuring Chingas Daughter Maria Guadalupe Massey.