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Looking for volunteer skeletons/"live" models to be painted as
skeletons. C'Babi Bayoc and Wayne St. Wayne will be volunteering to
paint the "live" models for our skeleton tableaus.

Volunteers should come dressed to dance and have a good time. Feel
free to dress as Day of the Dead tableaus, a zapatista revolutionary,
a bride or groom, a baker, painter, carpenter, etc.

Also, there is room for a few more artists to join the ranks of the
living celebrating the dead. Call 776-7049 to volunteer to paint a
few "live" models. Don't mind the chaos, just add to the spectacle.
Of course, free tickets for volunteers.

Dia de los Muertos with Chinga's Daughter
Dia de Los Muertos show for November 1st at St. Louis ' premier Punk
Rock Night club, the CREEPY CRAWL in the Grand Center District.
Tickets are $10. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Leonard
Peltier Defense Fund and inner city school poetry workshops by Word
in Motion. Tickets are on a sliding scale; pay from $4 to $10 for
your ticket.

WORD IN MOTION will sponsor this Day of the Dead Event featuring
music, madness. Alima Sadaq Afsal will honor Katherine Dunham and
African ancestors; Warrior Poet Hari Sky Campbell will pay tribute to
past word warriors, and Paul stewart will invoke the Lizard King, Jim
Morrison, confluence writer and activist DIGGER will celebrate the
spirits of the phantasm hour; Ami Fire Dancer/belly dancer will
entrance with her talents; Latin Blues guitarist Peter Wood, Chris
tine Zach & Lost Children, and Billy "The Kid" Morris will also share
their fabulous talents.

Feel free to bring large signs/posters to carry portraying dead
heroes/ancestors,friends,lovedlostones, etc. to create a Dia de los
Muertos desfilo/parade of dance as we celebrate.

Guadalupe Sounds featuring Chingas Daughter and master percussionist
Wayne Robinson Shelton will weave their word and sound magic on
Saturday, November 1st from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM at the Creepy Crawl
Night club in the Grand Theater District (next door to JAZZ at the
Bistro), invoking the spirits as the phantasm hour begins.

Love, peace , Poetry,

Maria Guadalupe

p.s. an excerpt from Prison Writings, My life is my Sun Dance
by Leonard Peltier:

"The death of loved ones is harder to take than your own. your own
death is easy by comparison. When I wasn't allowed to attend my
father's funeral in 1989, I suffered pain worse than any physical
pain. Pain without hope of closure, a wound eternally
unhealed. . . . . . .
"No doubt my name will soon be among the list of our Indian dead. At
least I will have good company . . . . . . .
"Our dead keep coming at us, a long, long line of dead, ever growing
and never ending. To list all their names would be impossible, for
the great, great majority of us have died unknown, unacknowledged.
Yes, even our dead have been stolen from us, uprooted from our memory
just as the bones of our honored ancestors have been dishonored by
being dug up from their graves and shipped to museums to be boxed and
catalogued and hidden away in file drawers, denied that final request
and right of every human being: a decent burial in Mother Earth and
proper ceremonies of remembrance to light the way to the afterworld.
"Yes, the roll call of our Indian dead needs to be cried out, to be
shouted from every hilltop in order shatter the terrible silence that
tries to erase the fact that we ever existed.

"My life is a prayer for my people." [excerpted from pages 17 - 22]

X O X O mgm


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Oct. 11th, 2008 05:20 am (UTC)

Put this post in the St. Louis community of live journal.
you may get more responses
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